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Sox Project

February 08, 2011

Sox Project  

 I wanted to share something that my friend, Michael, has been doing to help individuals in Colorado. I am sure many of you have been stopped at a traffic light   and have either been approached by someone begging for money or you have seen the people holding signs asking for help. Well if you are like me, I have always been leery of giving money to these individuals, since I have heard so many stories of fraud or the money being used to encourage an addiction.

My friend Michael was always torn by not knowing if the person begging was really in need or not. So he came up with an idea that seems to work for him and I wanted to pass it along.
He started handing out pairs of socks stuffed with a toothbrush, tooth paste, and a couple of candles. He also gives them an orange or some kind of soft fruit to eat. Since he has been doing this he has started to buy these items in bulk, stuffing his socks and having them available in a box in his car.

He has just recently introduced the idea at his church and his church has embraced the sox project by having a sox box where people can stop by and pick up some socks to carry with them in their car. He is hoping that the idea catches on and others might join him in giving stuffed socks instead of cash.

If you have other charitable ideas or organizations you support…. I would love to hear from you! Please share your story so others looking to help in small ways can join you.


Entwined says on 04/5/12

Things happen for reasons!

What happened due to this post was very inspirational to me….

I received an email from a lady named Eldijana that had read the blog about the Sox Project. She told me she had just received a donation of toothbrushes and tooth paste into her church and wondered if I would be able to use these in the Sox Project. Of course, I then connected her with my friend Michael.  Talk about coincidences… Eldijana’s school was only a block away from where Michael lived. The boxes of toothbrushes and tooth paste were picked up and determined they would be perfect for another organization that Michael and his wife Christy are familiar with and helps underprivileged children. The boxes found a good home and are being put to good use.

So glad we were able to make these connections!

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